What is ThunderDome? It’s a game without preconceived ideas of what your character should be. It’s a multi-genre, multi-player, text-based world where your imagination defines your role.

Tired of looking like a clone of every other player of your race and class? A curist on ThunderDome could be a traveling healer garbed in full armor etched with runic symbols, a being of sentient mana in a powered containment suit, or a hardened combat medic that keeps himself alive while armed to the teeth. it’s all up to you. There are no visual boundaries. There are no straight-jacketed play styles.

Massive areas of colorful and varied terrain are a panorama as detailed as you want to envision. With a flexible system allowing acquisition of all the various class skills through dedication, you need not stop once you reach the pinnacle of your class and level, allowing any conceivable character concept to be feasible. Those familiar with table top RPGs will be happily engrossed with creating their own unique persona. After you’ve fleshed out your character idea, add more; you can log into the game with up to four to form a crew, ready to take on the apocalyptic world of ThunderDome.

So, what is ThunderDome? Come and create it. Click here to get started!