There are quite a few classes available to players on this mud.  You may play up to four characters simultaneously, with the exception of parties with Mutants or Cyborgs, which are limited to three.

Slinger – Slingers are users of old, crafty magic passed down through Training Centers which are maintained in pockets of ancient powers. Slingers have the ability to channel natural energy through a focus, causing a variety of effects.  Spells include the ability to inflict damage, modify their bodies, and enchant weapons and armor.

Note: All slingers will need to create a unique focus to sling spells over 25 mana.

Curist – Curists are an ancient class of holy people, devout in their standards and practices. They believe in the sanctity of their gods, and constantly call upon the powers of those gods to help themselves and others. Whether these “gods” exist, or if the curists are gaining power from their own mutated strengths, is a question for philosophers and scientists.  Curist skills include healing, summoning, and they have the ability to call upon their god for both protection and assistance.

Note: Curists must have a holy item to sling any spell over 75 mana.

Vagrant – Vagrants can be real scumbags but are known to have very special qualities that no other class offers.  Many of these qualities can come in handy in many situations, such as picking locks.  Vagrants are the only class that can dual wield weapons, are particularly skilled at the use of knives, and fighting dirty.

Barbarian – Barbarians are known to have more strength than the average player. This makes them better at hand-to-hand-combat, as they possess skills of violence and fighting unequaled by the members of any other class.  However, they lack the ability to use magic of any sort. They also tend
to be stupid and illiterate.  Their ability to fight barehanded increases as they remort.  Barbarian skills include wrestling moves such as headbutts, elbowstrikes and bodyslams.

Knight – The knight is a holy warrior who has many of a fighter’s skills along with some curical training. Many famous figures in history including Arthur, Charlemagne, and most of the Crusaders would be considered Knights rather than pure warriors. They are skilled riders, and can learn to use both protective and offensive spells.

Note: Knights must be wielding a weapon and be either good or evil alignment in order to sling spells of > 25 mana.

Samurai – A samurai is an ancient mystic Japanese warrior with many of the skills of a monk or mage. Although not as proficient at any fighter skills as a true warrior, the samurai is never-the-less a fierce opponent.  They are not proficient with guns of any type, but they do have some limited magical ability.

Pirate – Pirates are a jolly bunch of robbers who freely roam the sea and the highways, meeting all sorts of adventures. Historically, pirates got a bad reputation for being an evil bunch of bastards, but many are just ordinary guys and girls who are out to have their way with the world. TDome
pirates include not only the old sea-faring rogues of old, but also the more modern hackers and ‘electronic pirates’.

Pirates have skills unique to them, including musical abilities and navigation. All pirates will fight better with a sword than with any other type of weapon; such is the nature of piracy.

Infiltrator – The infiltrator is the sneaky agent from film and cheesy spy novels.   Infiltrators are usually sneaky agents whose mission is usually to “get in, steal the microchip, poison the bad guy, and get out without causing the dog to bark”. Thus, infiltrators have many sneaky skills and are skilled in the use of both knives and guns. They are also trained to handle advanced weapons and modern electronic equipment such as computers, etc.

Fanatic – The Fanatic is a religious whacko, like the kind you see on TV. Generally he will try to set up his own little religious sect with lots of wives. Fanatics are generally more whacko than curists or knights, and they aren’t afraid to go bust heads in the name of whatever little religious scheme they are currently following. Many fanatics show classic pyromaniac traits… like those of the Davidians, and they often indulge themselves in automatic weapons as well.

Note: Fanatics must have a holy item to sling spells over 50 mana.

Assassin – Assassins are secretive figures, known mostly in myth and legend. They only go after the big scores; the lesser crimes are left to the common vagrants. Not much is known about Assassins, except that they are all evil, and they like to see blood. Most assassins are inherently shifty and sneaky.

They are also tuned to the fine art of black magic, and do not need a focus to sling evil spells, but they do need to stay very evil to be effective.

WARNING: The following two classes are generally not appropriate for new players, as they carry special restrictions.  Additionally, while playing multiple characters is allowed on Thunderdome, no more than three characters may be played at the same time if a Mutant or Cyborg class is used.

Mutant – Mutants are humanoids who have suffered the effects of radiation poisoning.  In certain desert areas where the ruins and artifacts of ancient civilizations still exist, the residual radiation has caused whole tribes of nomads and primitives to mutate into wretched, distorted creatures. 90% of these cases soon die, but some survive….

Mutants are usually small and ugly, with scaly skin. They are physically weak and unhealthy, but are usually quite intelligent. The survivors often have the abilities to manipulate their mutant bodies. Later in life, they can develop psionic and other mental abilities.

Mutants need no training, and do not need to practice. They acquire their skills and powers naturally.  Mutants can be very powerful, but start out weak with few hitpoints.

Special restrictions: Mutants are not capable of using heavy weapons and equipment. Mutants cannot sling magic, but can use other forms of magical items (potions may or may not affect mutants depending on their current body chemistry, etc.  Most mutant powers consume some life energy (in the form of mana).

Cyborg – The cyborg class is unique in many ways. On TDome, the cyborg is usually a human who has been genetically altered, has mechanical or electronic implants, bionic limbs, etc. etc. Cyborgs retain most of their humanity while gaining skills, powers, and liabilities due to their ‘special additions’.  A cyborg is unaffected (or is affected in a limited way) by many types of spells including healing type spells. Offensive spells which are electrical in nature are known to do increased damage to cyborgs. Because they represent the control and exploitation of Nature, most spells with religious overtones will not affect Cyborgs.

Intrinsic abilities: All cyborgs can automatically see in the dark.  Cyborgs have the ability to withstand more damage than other classes of characters. Although their modified tissues are slow to heal naturally, cyborgs have the ability to repair their damaged flesh and limbs. Cyborgs require more energy to move and perform activities. This energy will recharge naturally, although
batteries can also be used for faster recharging.