Getting Started

So, you’ve decided to jump into the wastelands of Thunderdome. Hopefully this guide will help to get you started.


Wear the parachute! When you first land, you will find yourself at Master Sin’s or the Fun House. The Fun House is recommended for leveling your first few levels. Ground Zero is the center of Tek Angeles (hopefully you picked this as your starting town) and will be abbreviated as G0. You’ll need to eat, drink, and rent your character when leaving tdome. Directions (north, south, east, west, up, and down) will be abbreviated as n, s, w, e, u, and d.


All directions are from Ground Zero (G0) in the middle of Tek Angeles, unless otherwise specified.

  • Fun House to G0 – se3s, good for your first few levels
  • Master Sin’s to G0 – ne4n, good for your first few levels
  • Pure Water Store – 3es, buy a barrel, refills in G0
  • Bag’s Inn – neu, rent out and save your gear
  • McDeath’s Burger – wn, get fed
  • Auto’s Magic Shop from G0 – 3wn
  • Gumm’s Biker Gang and Leather Shop –  2s2wn, get some leather gloves
  • Hoby’s Armory  – ws, buy yourself some armor
  • Igor’s Implements of Destruction – 2en, all kinds of weapons, but the pipe you start with is great newbie gear
  • Fred’s Merchandise – en
  • Frankk’s Fashions – sen
  • Auto’s Magic Shop – 3wn, buy scrolls, always carry a recall!

Newbie Gear

Most of the players are fairly helpful, and will most likely assist you in getting some starting equipment. The following is a list of newbie flagged gear (you can wear it until you hit level 30, or until your character hits 21 years of age) and where it can be found.

  • grungy stocking cap – subway beneath G0
  • nylon jacket – subway beneath G0
  • chrome plated clasps – wild bunch executive officer (13n 6w down from G0 will get you to the wild bunch gang area)
  • tarnished breastplate – wild bunch commander
  • topaz ring – wild bunch doctor
  • small wooden shield – bugbears just south of Tek Angeles
  • ringmail sleeves – twig hunters or bugbears
  • ice skates – Tonya Harding in the complex in Tek, 3n 4w open doors w 4n from G0
  • leather gloves – Gumm’s biker shop
  • booklet – held item, you start with this
  • canvas work pants – subway under G0
  • green wristlets – hunters, they can be found in the forests around Tek angeles
  • icy sword – ice pirates north of northern village

Low Level Areas

Time to venture out of the city? Here are a few areas to start with.

  • Nymph Tree from G0: 6w s 2w 4n 3u 1n 2d
  • Wild Bunch from G0: 13n 6w 2d
  • Knight Tree from G0: 6w s all west n w s all west n 3w s 2w n 2w 2n u
  • Twig Village from G0: 8s 11w 2s 2w 2s
  • Druid Circle from Twig village well: 13w
  • Guardian Compound from Twig village well: 14w 3s 2w s
  • Northern Village from G0: either all north, or 6n e all n w all n
  • Ice Pirates from well in Northern village: 2n open gate 6n e 4n 3e n 5e
  • Bandit Caves from G0: 8s 2e s 4e 2n 2e 5n
  • Halloween Town from well in Northern Village: 2e open gate 2e s 2e d

Attitude And Aggro

Certain enemies in Tdome are aggro (aggressive) meaning they will attack your character on sight. Other, generally more powerful mobs are ATTD (attitude).  These mobiles will attack players of 25th level or higher. Some of these
enemies are also looters, meaning if they successfully kill your character, they may take an item or two. Which leads us to…

Death, Constitution and Getting Your Gear Back

When you die in Tdome (and you will!) don’t take it too hard, it happens to everybody, often with great frequency. Here are some options:

  1. If you know where you died, and can safely get there, run back and get your
    equipment off of your poor mutilated corpse.
  2. If you don’t know or it’s too dangerous, you can visit the Mortician. He can be located n w s d from G0. For a fee, he will retrieve your corpse for you.
  3. If you have been looted by an enemy you can’t kill or can’t find, ask for help.  There are some big old guys that have been around a long time, they’re happy to lend a hand.

Some enemies will eat your corpse, leaving all your equipment on the ground for wandering enemies to stroll by and pick up. Should this happen, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance – the sooner the better, lest all your hard earned gear get scattered and become that much more difficult to find.  When you die, your character will normally lose points of constitution (less or more, depending on how old your character is). Should your con drop too low
(below 4) they will be con dead, and unable to play, permanently. To prevent this, you can buy your constitution points back from the con doc. He is located n w d e from G0.

Remember, always carry a recall scroll – it can get you back to Tek Angeles if you get lost! And don’t be afraid to ask for help.


You can identify your character at level 4 with a scroll from Auto’s Magic Shop.  Should they be garbage, you can reroll them using credits, or chits (which you can acquire from the fun house, or the danger game located n e d from G0). The rerolling device is located n w 2d from G0. Many people remake characters once they’ve acumulated enough funds to roll decent stats.

Okay, time to get out there! Good luck, happy mudding.