Real-time Game Status

MACHINE LOCAL TIME: Fri Nov 17 14:07:47 2017 Up since Sat Nov 11 07:59:45 2017: 6 days, 6:08 Boot status: Reboot Total deaths [88] Total pkills [0] Total death traps [0] Total luck stat [8]
LAST FIVE DEATHS Vixen killed by an assassin! Lugnut killed by an Azer villager! Siri killed by a busch mountain man! Mo killed by a Mutated Cyborg Thumper! Bolt killed by the Juice! Last five luck stats: Aditu hit a Dunkel Kampf Guardsman for 7885! Siri hit Harlequin Demon for 3969! Dreg hit a swarthy bandit for 4640! Rump hit a swarthy bandit for 1488! Aditu hit the master guardian for 6039!
PLAYERS (VISIBLE) ONLINE [30 Cur] Siri [30 Vag] Dreg [30 MoM] Rump [24 Cur] Riza [30 MoM] Atog [22 Ass] Blaise