Real-time Game Status

MACHINE LOCAL TIME: Sun Jul 22 06:46:11 2018 Up since Fri Jul 13 13:15:40 2018: 8 days, 17:30 Boot status: Reboot Total deaths [52] Total pkills [4] Total death traps [0] Total luck stat [8]
LAST FIVE DEATHS Lugnut killed by the Hoard Ranger Captain! Lugnut killed by the Mantis Chief! Amp killed by a Mound Guard! Amp killed by Lugnut! Amp killed by a small bat!
LAST FIVE PKILLS Amp killed by Lugnut! Spike killed by Lugnut! Vixen killed by Spike! Rx killed by Lugnut!
LAST FIVE LUCK STATS Vixen hit an Iron Claw elite forces guard for 6424! Teejay hit Guges for 10486! Teejay hit Gyre for 15360! Teejay hit Meugar the Miller for 5673! Teejay hit Vorkaj the Miller for 10058!