Real-time Game Status

MACHINE LOCAL TIME: Sat Mar 24 21:36:33 2018 Up since Thu Mar 22 19:38:25 2018: 2 days, 1:58 Boot status: Reboot Total deaths [26] Total pkills [0] Total death traps [0] Total luck stat [10]
LAST FIVE DEATHS Enigma killed by Godfather! Meatfyst killed by the tek hunter! Meatfyst killed by a northern guardian! Juxt killed by Juxt! Mapv killed by Comp!
LAST FIVE LUCK STATS Teejay hit the golden dragon for 9432! Teejay hit a butt-pirate for 12118! Teejay hit Cruzan for 18900! Teejay hit the golden dragon for 5824! Teejay hit Soul Eater for 14400!
PLAYERS (VISIBLE) ONLINE [30 Pir] Peep [29 Inf] Dodge [30 Sli] Aditu [30 Cur] BSET