There are several towns you can choose from.  New users should always choose Tek Angeles to start.


Tek Angeles is the rebirth of an ancient city. Many of the old relics – buildings, streets, etc. are still standing. Tek Angeles is the commercial center of the “friendly world” and has many shops, services, and amusements for your use.

  • Bag’s Inn (E. of Technology Square)
  • Igor’s Implements of Destruction (E. Tool Street)
  • Hoby’s Armours (W. Tool Street)
  • The Bakery (W. Tool Street)
  • Fred’s Merchandise (E. Tool Street)
  • The Pure Water Store (E. Tool Street)
  • Auto’s Magic Shop (W. Tool Street)
  • Last Bank (E. Tool Street)
  • Gumm’s Leather Shop (Waterfront Street)


Silicia is a seaport town on the western shores of the main continent. It is known mostly for its fishing industry and carousing pirates. Silicia is a “total” city offering all services (except schools for hunters and cyborgs – because of the lack of forestry and high technology). Visitors to Silicia are advised to visit the Town Hall which is near the eastern entrance to town.

Silicia tourist attractions:

  • The beautiful shorelines
  • The high seas, with strange islands to explore
  • The waterfront area


Casablanca is an exotic city located in the far Eastern Desert. Although it is ruled by the Sheikh, a towel-headed religious fanatic, the city  welcomes newcomers and tourists of all faiths and creeds. This is a “total city” offering all services (except schools for pirates, rangers, and hunters due to the lack of water and forests). Casablanca is known as the “White Jewel of the Desert”, and offers a wide range of shops and services for your selection.

Casablanca tourist attractions:

  • The Bazaar
  • The view of Fiedor’s Peak from desert roads
  • Exploration of the ancient desert ruins to the south


The city of Lost Wages, located in the southeastern desert, is a tourist mecca. One of the Older Cities left from strange, ancient civilizations, Lost Wages is a true meeting point between Modern and Primitive, Technology and Magic, Coke and Pepsi…. Visitors to this glitzy city can experience all manners of wonders in sight, sound, taste, and .. er…. touch.

Lost Wages tourist attractions:

  • Caesar’s Palace
  • The casinos
  • The southeastern Grim Mountains
  • Various technological industries.


Follow the green, silicon bricked road to the most technologically advanced city in the world. Cyboria is fully automated and well equipped to serve your every need. If you want it, chances are we’ve got it. A wide selection of shops, utilities, learning facilities, and housing accommodations await your arrival. Our city is maintained by a vast army of drones and cyborgs who all get there instruction from the legendary MACHINE via the powerful CPU. –Poor customer service is a thing
of the past in Cyboria!

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the other cities, this is the place for you!

Cyboria Attractions:

  • CPU Square
  • Cyboria Municipal Stadium (Come see our Cyberbowl team)
  • Cyboria Training Center
  • MACHINE Place
  • Cyboria Inc. Tunnel leading to the plains of the Argon Ocean and surrounding islands.


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